Im quiting

guys im sorry but im too old for this plus its boring bye guys.

Penguin: Shoxrock23





92 Responses to “Im quiting”

  1. shox, how could u do this to me, i thought u loved me. Thanks alot!! Now me and my penguin are crying. why???? i thought u loved club penguin, and pudding94. just because its boring, i cant believe u, just giving ur penguin away to get banned. im dissapointed. :*(

  2. shox, how could u do this to me, i thought u loved me. Thanks alot!! Now me and my penguin are crying. why???? i thought u loved club penguin, and pudding94. just because its boring, i cant believe u, just giving ur penguin away to get banned. im dissapointed. :*(!!

  3. yelloboobah Says:

    im quitting too becuz the same reasons as shox but im gunna get bak on when im 18 THEN I CAN BE A MOD lol

    Don’t quit!!!
    If you quit, I’ll quit! Shox, Im 12 and in 7th grade and I still play, so why are you quiting. You can’t quit now! Think of how many friends you will disapoint!!!

  5. That means you never ready liked me.that’s just sad. I can’t believe you.

  6. this kamber but ya. spade will have nobody becuz u r quitting then jet quit the only pplz he’ll have are the mcmo pplz

  7. Shoxrock23??? You my blog fan just quitted? just its boring…now its not boring cause club penguin is now launching things fast!

  8. LOL, Mcmo pplz. 😆 those 2 words make me laugh [NOT IN A BAD WAY, I JUST MEAN THE WORD MAKES ME LAUGH]
    and there never on anyways 😦
    This is Stupid! I’m prabably ganna quit sometime before I go to 8th grade.

  9. I never thought that this would happen. NOBODY IS LEFT!!
    I’m the only one standing.
    thanks shoxrock, for being a good friend.

  10. how could you do this?
    your just making it worse by giving your password away.
    now ill never know if its really you.
    if there was anything i could do, i would do my best.

  11. bye shoxrock23.

  12. Ma…

    You can’t.

    Please, you can’t.

    I want everyone to understand this.

    I may not be on a lot but what happens when I’m not on shouldn’t be anything like this. You guys are the best and now you say you are quiting. I believe I can bring everyone back together because I’m the one that brought us all together in the first place. You guys are great friends and to see all of you go would just tear me apart. I feel terrible that I haven’t been on but the truth is is that I’m a busy guy nowadays. I get on when I can and I see everyone sometimes. I will try to get on more if you guys don’t quit. I don’t think I could look at the Club Penguin logo if you guys quit because I know that I let people down. I’m really sorry. This post has my heart in it and I mean everything that I’ve said. Believe me.

    Don’t quit.

    You guys are my best friends.

    I’ve known you almost since I started on Club Penguin. I met you in a band led by Raymondo09. The Silver Rocks. We’ve been best friends ever since. I don’t know if i could stand to watch you go.

    I’ve known you for a very long time. I met you on this very site. You were a fan of mine asking to be my friend on Club Penguin. I added you and got to know you and we’ve been best friends ever since.

    I’ve known you since this site was made. I think you gave me my very first comment. You were also a fan of mine asking to be my friend on Club Penguin. I added you and got to know you and we have been best friends EVER since.

    You guys have been amazing to me and I haven’t even been on to talk to you all. I feel terrible and I am sincerely sorry.

    I hope you all read this and change your mind. =(

    If no one changes their mind this is my very last post.
    I’ll check up to see if anyone has responded by tomorrow.


    ~~~♣Spade 13♣~~~
    Mcmo!!! Not you too. What if Shox doesn’t return, what then? Will you quit as you quit as you said? You said you can bring us together but right now you say if they don’t come back you’ll quit!!!
    Who else is left?
    There used to everyone! Shox, Jet, Mcmo11, yourself, Aggie…There were so many of us!!!
    I remember when I created the Penguin Pals and let all of my friends in the site. We were the Penguin Pals, remember? So what is left of the Penguin Pals? Jet quit, Shox just quit, Aggie quit, Bulbey quit and so many more of our friends!
    Theres only you, Mcmo11, and me left?

  13. shox thats gay dont quit you no you still,like cp

  14. I have an announcment.

    Mcmo11 and I have changed Shoxrock23’s password because we didn’t want him to get banned. Shox, please, don’t quit. I’ll tell you your new password when you respond. Please don’t be mad at us because we were just trying to help.


  15. Please don’t be mad at us, shox. We didn’t want you to get banned. Mcmo13 and I will tell you the new password if you respond.

    Please don’t quit.
    Please respond.



  16. yelloboobah Says:

    i wanted to do that but i didnt want to get on his guy

  17. yes, grades are more important then club penguin. but to me, club penguin is still a little important. at least you’ll be coming back! im not very good at math either. 😉

  18. You know what i think. Well, I have been with shox since he started working at my cafe. I have been with shox for so long. It is his choice, im not saying i dont want to stop him, but it is his choice. We have gone through fights (realy stupid ones at that), we have held b-day parties for eachother, and i realy realy like him. If he realy does love me and luvs all his friends, he will come back. So don’t push him back. Just let him do it himself. -Paulina

  19. You know what i think. Well, I have been with shox since he started working at my cafe. I have been with shox for so long. It is his choice, im not saying i dont want to stop him, but it is his choice. We have gone through fights (realy stupid ones at that), we have held b-day parties for eachother, and i realy realy like him. If he realy does love me and luvs all his friends, he will come back. So don’t push him back. Just let him do it himself. -Pudding94

  20. Yeah I sort of Think the same way. NO OFFENCE Pudding, but I known Shoxrock from before he even started his site. I just don’t see why he would all of a sudden quit! After Jet quit, he said he’ll try as hard as he can to stop people quiting, but why is he quiting now? 😦 😦
    Also after Shox quits, I’ll barely have anymore friends on the net! Also he’s a Penguin Pal And Penguin Pals stick up for each other! So I won’t let Shox get by so easily!

  21. yelloboobah Says:

    SPADE ADD ME ON myspace lol jk but u still didnt!

  22. is anyone mad at mcmo13 and i for changing shox’s pass? we were just trying to help.. i dont think anyone wanted him banned.

  23. Im not mad!
    Also Kamber I already asked you if you can be my friend, but you never responded! Anyways I deleted all my myspace friends 2 weeks ago because no one responded for a month 😡

  24. you have a myspace? cool!

  25. spade, what isur myspace? we can talk about how to get shox back through myspace. give me the link to ur profile.

  26. Ok…Umm…I think Shox has really quit! He hasn’t been on for a while!
    Also where do you go to put the HTML codes on your myspace? I’ve had myspace for 1 month [sort of] and I still don’t know where to put the HTML codes!

  27. yelloboobah Says:

    Oh and jet said he has a Club Penguin and he gets on it alot but nobody knows that hes jet that makes me …. suspicios!!! * howeva u spell dat *

  28. yelloboobah Says:

    oh and watever HTML codes are u probably put them on edit profil ….. ahem … EDIT!!!! profile lol

  29. Jet is back on CP?
    I saw him once, but later I found out it was just Glen on his acount, then the big war started. LOL!

  30. *cry*, im never getting another bf on cp. Spade and boobah if ur gonna talk about myspace, go on chat, this is for talking about shox! ok?

  31. yelloboobah Says:

    Ooh sorry pudding u need to quit whinin! My REAL guy moved away and i never got to see him again but … I GOT OVER IT!!!!

  32. Im sorry ok? I just am a lil sad, andi think u would be to, i dont wanan get in a fight, and i dont always win. U wanna be in my place and have all of ur bfs freinds hate u when u didnt even do anything. geeso. i dont think so.

  33. yelloboobah Says:

    i dont hate u and neither does glen people dont hate u i only did at first becuz shox was going out with u but we got over it and i understand how u feel i was there cheeka. Im sad that hes quiting too but i cant mope for the rest of my life

  34. We’re all sad! It’s sad to see a friend go by. sigh…It was fun back then! All of us! Jetair, Shox, Mcmo, mcmo11, Jo Mama, Robopeanut, Kamber, Glen, Aggie Fan, Vegietables, and the rest of us. (Sorry Pudding for not putting you up there, you just wern’t there when we all met)
    Sigh…Now they’ve all quit!

  35. 😮 I haven’t quit!

    You are right. Club Penguin was soo much funner back then.

  36. kamberwashere Says:

    Kamber was here lolz!!!! it was funner i quit and i kinda deleted all ma friends but IDC i get on it sometimes only on sundays idek why sundays but who cares

  37. kamberwashere Says:

    i looked better! lol jk

  38. Yelloboobah Says:

    ok people……… I know its all sad that he left but u dont have to mope all day long and spade…… I FORGOT UR NUMBER!!!!!!!!!

  39. Yelloboobah Says:

    WHENS EVERYBODYS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! im making a list

  40. U dont have to mope for the rest of your life, im just saying this is for talking about SHOX! go on chat to ask for peoples b-days, and whatever it is you do. I can mope for a little bit, did i ever say i was for the rest of my life… NO!

  41. pudding94 Says:

    u can make me feel worse, i dont care, because its my life and its a “free country”. I dont want everyone to hate me, im just trying to honnor shox, and im just telling you to talk on chat, u dont have to, its just that, that is what chat is for. Go ahaed yell at me. Im never going on this website to listen to everyone talking about hating me, because you know what… i dont care what people think! So yell at me and talk about hateing me, at least i honnor my friends.

  42. I never said I hated you! I’m just saying to not try to boss me around.
    I also honor Shoxrock! I made a post about him on Penguin Pal website. I’ve known Shoxrock longer than you have and I know more about him, so stop acting like you know everything about him!

  43. uhhh ur so stpid spade. im going leae this site forever! keep postin coments about me! Bye Bye. shox would be disapointed of u! and i do kno everything about shoxrocks

  44. o really so do i hes a really good kisser have you kissed him
    cuz all the other penguins iv kissed suck at kissing i swear

  45. lol ive kissed connor lo jk ( no jk i rlly did ) o an this is kamber im at laurens house

  46. i never relly did like u pudding i thought u were stuck up like cheyanne stuckeyi mean cheyanne chickin@$$ lol and dont say nothin becuz i dont really care what u say!! and dont talk shyt about me becuz nobody cares what u say


  48. how am i mean

  49. and me

  50. 😡 EVERYBODY JUST SHUT-UP!!! Can’t we all just get along? One of our friends has quit. Sure, I get that we feel sad, but why fight?
    Oh, and if anyone starts fighting, I’ll delete this site!

  51. spade the only thing your gunna solve by deleting this site is that everybodys gunna hate you

  52. and besides not one of our friends quit kamber did to ok thats to do the math

  53. I’m not really going to delete this site, I just say that to get people to listen to me.

  54. ok ok i made a site i no it sucks its cuz i made it on november 12 not to long ago so its not good YET but it WILL be its called

  55. kamber im sorry i swear to gosh i will never slap you again a you are the one who started the slapping thing and im sorry for doing it hard you just where making me mad and im sorry i wont do it again

  56. OMG!!!!!!!!
    clubpenguin is on TV
    on disney channel
    now theres going to be
    alot more ppl

  57. The Ad about CP Coins For Change on Disney is like really stupid!
    But Im not againts Coins For Change!!! I’ve raised almost 10,000 coins for it!

  58. how?
    you can only donate 500

  59. shawty got them apple bottom jeans boots with the fur the whole club is lookin at her she hit the flow next thing yu no shawtie got low low low low low

  60. and spade that cammershal is freakin pimp
    its not stupid
    you mammas stupid
    lol jk

  61. lol seck c

  62. shoxrock23 Says:

    ok ppl yall are just stupid yall need to move on and get off my freakin site or im gunna delete it and nippykam i give props to you ur the only one not being a baby about me leavin

  63. shoxrock23 Says:

    and i read all these comments and glen i give you props to cuz ur not bein a baby either

  64. lauren kamber lol like cat dog Says:

    ya we got it from our mamma and we got names its called lauren and kamber

  65. shoxrock23 Says:

    pudding i never really liked u i only dated u cuz u are a member and the reason i dont give you props is cuz your bein the baby about it

  66. Laren/ Kamber, I know you guys made that coment.
    I could tell from your Emails on the coment info.

  67. Im never coming to this freackin beep hole place ever again!! yoU GUYS ARE THE MEAN ONES AND YOU ARE SO STUPID!! i dont care what people think of me! Im nice and i think your all the beepingist ****ing dumbo heads. I have feelings if you know what the definition of feelings is……….:a particular sensation of this kind: a feeling of warmth; a feeling of pain. BUH BYE DUMBO DOODY HEADS!

  68. What did I ever do?!?!?!?!

  69. What did I ever do?!?!?!?!?

  70. kamberlauren lol like cat dog but hawta Says:

    ur the biggest pussy i ever heard of!!! BLEEPhole *** wat kinda of names are those?!?! … dumbo doody heads??????? wow!! or are u juss doing this to get on santas good list haha!! u probably still believe in santa u big baby!!! ya thats what im talkin bout nigga

    ¡gatito de mierda del motha de u!
    haha u cant understand suck it!!!
    if you can even get a guy to suck it you probably finger yourself

  71. kamberlauren lol like cat dog but hawta Says:

    pudín su un gatito grande del asno

  72. kamberlauren lol like cat dog but hawta Says:

    haaahhhh haahh cant understand huh feeling stupid arnt ya

  73. Shut Up Kamber, you’re the real stupid one!

  74. spade it was both of us so shut up we werent even talking to you

  75. pala es atrasado
    meens:spade is retarded

  76. lol

  77. Also, you 2 have really pissed me for…I don’t know you just did, so from now on, any Coment you make will not be posted! And go straight to Spam 😡

  78. fosters1537 Says:

    Cmon shoxrox.Dont quit!

  79. cmon spade im sorry plz forgive me its not my fault i hate pudding she stoll my man if i try 2 forgive her will u forgive me i meen remember that saying forgive and forget

  80. hi people i am relly bored board bord lol sooo wats up lol soo … hows life??? lol im weird haha

  81. glen you need to shut the fluff up i hate you

  82. mcmo11 (not logged on) Says:

    ok shox, if you still come on this, mcmo13 is having a reunion and would be very happy if you came. come to my site ro reserve a place for yourself. we’ll e-mail you what your new password is if you decide to come. thanks

  83. hey shox.. once again.. if you still get on this sometimes.. mcmo13 is having a reunion and almost everyone from the original penguin pals is coming. if you decide to come, we’ll give you your newer password in an email. please respond,
    your friend,

  84. I don’t think he’ll respond, why won’t you just email him.

    Also, Glen or Kamber stop posing as me 😡

  85. Hi, most of you know me as “Ranif”. Some don’t. When people made cp blogs i thought it was just to get famous. But then I saw shox, spade, mcmo. But now i realise it was just posers like Paintboy and antras. I really wish i could join the penguin pals. I’m dedicating my penguin to make other penguins happy.

    Don’t go shox! i know you don’t know me, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

    waddle on
    ranif 😦

  86. fosters1537 Says:

    Cmon!Cp is fun!

  87. Man, After Mcmo and I made the Penguin Pals everybody started quiting. I think we made a mistake to start it.

  88. lol i never knew shoxrox wen we werein the cp penguins army if wants to go that his decision i might as well quit o club penguin has beenn taking away all the glitches and fun now i cant say any thing because of the moderaters these days CURSE U MODERATOERS!!! ANYWAY i dont play that offten only only enough to be up to date actually id rather be at school then on club penguin for 6 hours I was freinds with Fire104,Slimball2007,Spade13, and Jetair23. BUT i got banned FOREVER!!and i have to start from scratch and work my way up again so i found an old penguin named Casper71 who no famous friend wat so ever so life pretty much sucks on club penguin right now. All those famous ppl are gone i got o the dock In Mamoth to find wanabee famous ppl . Ditto at the dock in Frozen everyone i knew in club penguin is gone Paintboy100 Gone! Antras Gone! Jetair Gone! Yuka Gone! etc everyone ditching or quiting Club Penguin Everyday I long for a Club Penguin reunion In a year im goning to be gone from cp and i want my last year on cp to be great! But so far its been a slow start and were already 2 months into it .In Conlucion i just wanna say how over time ppl move on find new games play new sports go new places move to new places and the things that were once fun become dull and slip away resulting to quiting such as Shaxrox23 case and not caring for anymore so if u really want o make things last find atleast 5 minutes a day to think about them so wen the time comes for them or u to quit u can accept the change and move on in life just appreiciate these things and life will become easier. ~In Remberance of Shoxrock23 a Friend a Mentor a Brother ~Danny Solo~

  89. shee its kam kam kam kam Says:

    spade since u go to dallas
    do u kno a guy names jose campos or sumthin like that
    he wuz like my BEST FRIEND!!!!!
    but he moved =) he wuz mi bodygaurd
    if u do kno him
    plz tell him kamber sayd hi nn she misses him plz!!!!
    well bye

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