The Members Uniform :

– Santa Hat

– Green Sunglasses

– Blue Lei

– Black or Red Guitar

– Red Swim Trunks

– Green Flippers


The Non-Members Uniform :

-Santa Hat

-Blue Lei

-Green Sunglasses


For Girls :

– Santa Hat

– Green Sunglasses 

– Blue Lei

– Black or Red Guitar

– Red Cheer-Leader Outfit

– Green Flippers

LEADER- Mcmo13

CO. LEADER- Jo Mama 42

GENERAL- Aggie Fan

ADMIRAL-  Spade 13/ Anoush


CAPTAIN- Bluegill14

CO. CAPTAIN- Whiteshark99

PRIVATE- Jetair23

PRIVATE- Shoxrock23

PRIVATE- Jackattc/ Lil007man155

PRIVATE- Polo790


(If  there are not enough seats for everybody, extra penguins may sit on the floor or the couch)

There will be meetings every Monday in Aggie Fans igloo on the server Mammoth at 3:00 PST SHARP and everyone who wants to be a member of the CPTS is welcome. (If I am not able to attend, Jo Mama 42 will be in charge but I’m sure I will be at them)

We are ENEMIES with the UMA, RPF, and Vikings and ALLIES with the CPAF, Tacos, CPSFS, GVP, and Romans.

That is the CPTS!



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  1. LOL! Join CPFD! I quit the CPTS start CPFD, but I still help CPTS! LOL!

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